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All about NearShore

The Future Is Now

Since the early 90s, Outsourcing services (in particular IT and BPO) has been a common practice by well-known companies in the US. This brought not only lower cost talent, but created a pool of available skilled people that wasn’t there before.

Nearshore, The Strategic Power of Proximity

NearShore is the model in which a partner delivers services from a nearby location, creating enormous advantages in terms of communication, travel, productivity, talent retention and more.

Why hire a Latin American
software developer?

According to Forbes

1. The time zone.

Companies in the US can work with developers in Latam who are in similar time zones, which allows for better coordination, unlike countries in Asia and Europe.

2. They do not need a visa

US companies do not need to grant a visa to LATAM developers if they work remotely from their home countries, and a smaller percentage of these developers are often looking to relocate to the US.

3. Costs

Salaries may be higher than those of countries like India, but they are lower than the values that are handled in the US, which makes them equally competitive.

4. Cultural proximity

There is a smaller cultural gap with the US and an increasing number of professionals with English language proficiency.

5. Geographically closer

Less distance means less time and money if the team is required to meet in person.

6. The quality of developers in the region

This can be seen in the level of technological solutions created by local startups, and in the rise of professionals with programming and postgraduate studies in related areas.

7. international Agreements

The US, Canada and Mexico have several legal and trade agreements beyond NAFTA. For example, Intellectual Property is recognized among the three countries. These agreements make also travel and visa requirements so much easier!